I only take responsibility for the statements and scientific papers that I have published myself. I have noticed these are occasionally being recovered, without my approval or knowledge, by untrustworthy sources with their own agendas or ideologies, both left- and right-wing, by provaxxers and antivaxxers, conspiracy theorists and uninformed and unqualified individuals who are convinced by their own right. I strongly distance myself from this and would like to emphasize that what I am trying to convey goes beyond these beliefs and opinions. They are irrelevant to what concerns us as humans. In fact, they are an obstacle. Above all I want to safeguard my integrity and insist on absolute independence. The response to my appeal should remain only and purely scientific and in no occasion ever be used or abused by any non-scientific rhetoric.

I would also like to reiterate that I cannot respond to the many questions from people who are hesitant about whether or not they should get the vaccine or any further booster shots (including boosters with updated vaccines). They should feel free to use my analysis and conclusions to inform their decision. As far as the vaccines themselves are concerned, I will continue to refrain from making any specific judgement or comparison of those. None of this is part of my ‘mission’.

Geert Vanden Bossche (DVM, Phd)

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