May 17, 2022

Q&A #13: Why do Public Health authorities continue to promote C-19 vaccination of children?

The single biggest issue is that ‘they’ are concentrating on hospitalizations, not on transmission.

The more you turn the virus into a highly-infectious pathogen (e.g.Delta, Omicron), the higher the likelihood you will start to see hospitalizations in children too.

As the vaccines still largely protect against severe disease and hospitalizations, ‘they’think it’s a good idea to get the kids jabbed too.

What these health authorities don’t seem to understand is that the C-19 vaccines, which do no longer induce neutralizing antibodies (Abs) because of Omicron, are in fact preventing severe disease by virtue of non-neutralizing Abs (see my manuscript). The non-neutralizing Abs prevent trans infection in distant organs (including the lungs) and thereby put high immune pressure on the virus’ virulence. Of course, they have no clue that together with the infection-enhancing effect of these Abs at the upper respiratory tract, this evolution is now only expediting the breeding of variants that are not only highly infectious but also more virulent. This is to say that the vaccines will soon no longer protect against severe disease. That’s where they can forget about keeping hospitalizations low.

Public Health authorities should, of course, always focus on keeping hospitalizations low and avoiding a crash of our health system.However, what these dummies need to learn is that you have to achieve this by curbing the chain of transmission! The vaccines can’t do this, but natural immunity can, and that’s the lesson they haven’t learned yet. Suppressing natural immunity (by vaccines) during a pandemic paralyzes the sterilizing immune capacity of the population, and therefore prevents herd immunity and promotes viral immune escape.

It will take time, and, unfortunately, many human lives, before they’ll understand. It’s only when hospitalizations in highly vaccinated countries will soon explode that they’ll at least understand that it’s time to hide…

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Geert Vanden Bossche received his DVM from the University of Ghent, Belgium, and his PhD degree in Virology from the University of Hohenheim, Germany. He held adjunct faculty appointments at universities in Belgium and Germany. After his career in Academia, Geert joined several vaccine companies (GSK Biologicals, Novartis Vaccines, Solvay Biologicals) to serve various roles in vaccine R&D as well as in late vaccine development.

Geert then moved on to join the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Health Discovery team in Seattle (USA) as Senior Program Officer; he then worked with the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) in Geneva as Senior Ebola Program Manager. At GAVI he tracked efforts to develop an Ebola vaccine. He also represented GAVI in fora with other partners, including WHO, to review progress on the fight against Ebola and to build plans for global pandemic preparedness.

Back in 2015, Geert scrutinized and questioned the safety of the Ebola vaccine that was used in ring vaccination trials conducted by WHO in Guinea. His critical scientific analysis and report on the data published by WHO in the Lancet in 2015 was sent to all international health and regulatory authorities involved in the Ebola vaccination program. After working for GAVI, Geert joined the German Center for Infection Research in Cologne as Head of the Vaccine Development Office. He is at present primarily serving as a Biotech / Vaccine consultant while also conducting his own research on Natural Killer cell-based vaccines.


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