November 29, 2021
The only fight you should have, is the fight for your health

My name is Geert Vanden Bossche.  I was trained in Veterinary Medicine and later specialized in Virology and Molecular Biology. I worked for a long time in Accademia. Completed my PHD in Virology.  Then joined the vaccine industry where I worked for a number of years. I worked in late development, very close to the product, as well as in the research department. I then joined the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - where I was primarily working on new vaccines and new vaccine design to tackle a number of diseases that we cannot tackle with our current vaccines. I also worked with the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI).  And I am now working as a consultant for the Biotech Industry.

I became deeply involved in this pandemic where I have been particularly fascinated by the interplay between the virus and the immune system at the population level, and the evolutionary dynamics of the virus, how the virus reacts to the immune system. For example, when we do mass vaccination, that has been my concern from the very beginning. Do we mass vaccinate in the midst of a pandemic, of a highly mutable virus, and thereby give the virus a chance to escape from the immune response.

First of all, I would like to say that the COVID crisis has fundamentally been mismanaged by a number of people - who thought they would be able to outsmart the virus and its evolutionary capacity by substituting insane measures for sound science and immunology.  The first thing I would like to highlight: COVID-19 disease is not a disease of healthy people. People who are in good health have a healthy innate immune system that can deal with a number of respiratory viruses without any problem. These people are not only protected against the disease, but they can even in many cases prevent infection. 

These are people who can contribute to sterilising immunity and to herd immunity, which is very, very important. So, first lesson: Never, Ever - allow anything, or anybody, to interfere or suppress your innate immune system.  You can do a bad job yourself by not leading a healthy life, that is going to suppress your innate immunity.  But even worse so, vaccine antibodies - the antibodies that are induced by the current vaccines - do suppress your innate immunity.  These vaccinal antibodies cannot substitute for it because we know that the vaccinal antibodies are losing their efficacy against the virus. They are becoming less and less effective, and as we know, in contrast to the innate immunity and the innate antibodies they cannot prevent infection. They cannot sterilize the virus, and therefore, they do not contribute to herd immunity. 

This is first of all very, very important with regard to the children. The children’s innate immunity can easily be suppressed by vaccinal antibodies because children are, what we call “immunologically naïve”.  Their antibodies are so young and so naïve that they can easily be outcompeted by vaccinal antibodies.  These innate antibodies protect young children from several different diseases.  Thus, suppressing their innate immunity - preventing them from being protected against these diseases, and replacing this by vaccinal antibodies that have no -- maybe still some kind of efficacy against severe COVID-19 disease -- but not against all of these other diseases, is very, very bad. On top of that, it is very clear - if we suppress this innate antibody in children - this could even lead to autoimmune diseases. There are immunological explanations and a rational way to explain this. This is an absolute no go!  We cannot vaccinate our children with these vaccines. 

The suppression of the innate immunity is already a problem in vaccinees, and they are indeed going to have a difficult time to control a number of diseases. Not just COVID-19.  But also, other diseases. It will require a fundamental and very dramatic change in strategy and measures to help vaccinees.  My heart goes out to the vaccinees. We need to help them as much as we can because they will need extensive treatment in many cases.  Of course, their innate antibodies - because of already having been trained - they are usually more resistant to the vaccinal antibodies than the innate antibodies of young and naive children. Nevertheless, there is pressure from the vaccinal antibodies on their innate immunity as well, which means boosting them - giving the vaccinees a third dose - is absolutely insane! What this will do is just further increase the immune pressure of the vaccinal antibodies on their innate immunity. Thus, boosting is absolute nonsense! It is dangerous and should not be done!

Now, what about the unvaccinated people? We have three categories in the unvaccinated:

  1. There are the people, who have never felt anything. Who have gone through this pandemic and had no disease whatsoever. This is the first class - they are most likely simply protected by their innate antibodies, which do such a fantastic job, that they neutralize the virus right away when it comes in and they don’t feel anything.
  2. We have the people who had mild disease. They didn’t need to spend time in bed, but they didn’t feel well and had the symptoms that are described as ‘mild disease’. 
  3. We have people who really had the disease and sometimes even severe disease. But recovered from the disease.

All these people would normally, be completely protected against the disease and it can be shown, either directly or indirectly, I won’t go into the immunological details, but it is directly or indirectly also due to innate immunity. Because even people who get the disease, their infection or disease are mitigated by the first line of immune defence, which is innate immunity. That means, I would say, normally they are protected against disease. 

But what is happening now? We have a different pandemic. Now, we have high infectious pressure because of the Delta variant, which is highly infectious and is circulating. Why is this Delta variant dominant, this is because of the mass vaccination. We have put so much pressure on the virus that it has selected the best candidate that can overcome this immune pressure. Because of this infectious pressure, and this can also be immunologically proven, these people now have some pressure on their innate immunity. Does it mean that the innate immunity is completely suppressed? No. Does it mean these people completely lose their capacity to defend themselves against the virus through their innate immunity? No. What it means is, for example:

  1. People who didn’t present with any symptoms at all, may now get mild disease.
  2. People who got mild disease may, right now get moderate disease. Yes, they may stay one or two days in bed.
  3. People who recovered from disease, may experience some higher susceptibility to some other diseases. For example, influenza or the common cold. But very, very importantly they are all protected. They all are still protected against severe disease and the majority of them will be protected against very mild or moderate disease.

Therefore, there is no question that people who are not vaccinated will not be suffering from severe disease provided three conditions:

  1. Is that they should, for God’s sake, stay unvaccinated! They should stay unvaccinated.
  2. They should take care of their innate immunity. Meaning, they should take care of their health. People should get rid of their fat, they should exercise. They can take vitamins, supplements that stimulate their innate immunity. They should have a healthy life and a healthy lifestyle. Now is the time to do this! I swear to God, if you do this and you are unvaccinated, you will be spared from severe disease without any vaccine. On the contrary the vaccine would do the opposite.
  3. The third condition of course, in order get the most benefit from these three steps, you cannot have underlying diseases. Are we going to discriminate against these people? Of course not! Should these people with underlying diseases, whose innate immunity is compromised, get the vaccine? No! Even these people should not get the vaccine because it will further suppress their innate immunity. We know that the vaccinal antibodies are increasingly losing their efficacy.  What should these people do?  They are threatened of course, and I will say it, they will not withstand the high infectious pressure that is currently existing because of the Delta Variant.  These people should still stick to the to the infection prevention measures as much as possible and they should be careful about contacts. And especially, and this is not to discriminate against the vaccinees, but they should especially avoid contact with vaccinees at this point in time. Vaccinees are now the people, and there is no doubt about this, who are really serving as a kind of breeding ground for the virus. We need to have an extra protection for those who have underlying diseases.  Do not vaccinate them, but in fact prevent them from being exposed to high infectious pressure.

In conclusion, first of all what does the science tell us? The science tells us that it is innate immunity and not the vaccine induced immunity that is going to protect us. For those who are interested in learning more about this, I will be interviewed by Del Bigtree on ‘The Highwire’, where I clearly explain this from an immunological viewpoint.

Secondly, it is important that people are no longer worried about whom am I exposed to, or whom am I in contact with. Can these people contaminate me or can I get infected? This is not a question because this leads to discrimination. It doesn’t make sense. What we need to worry about is how can we protect ourselves. That is the key question. We cannot avoid exposure it’s impossible. How should we protect ourselves? That is the key question.

Thirdly, I know you guys are all worried about your freedom.  About the lockdowns, etc. What you should fight for. The only fight you should have, is the fight for your health. Not fight against other people. The fight for your health, not getting vaccinated.  Don’t worry too much about the measures that are right now implemented. I’m telling you, and I’m certain. I’m 100% certain, this cannot last for a long time. This we see already, that the percentage of people who are hospitalized amongst the vaccinees is now steadily increasing. Whereas more and more, with training of the innate immune system, with more exposure to the virus, more and more non vaccinated people get protected and I’m talking in terms of ratios not actual numbers. This will shift and this will lead inevitably - and I am not a dooms day preacher - but this will inevitably lead to a collapse of our health system. It cannot be otherwise. These measures are not sustainable. It cannot go on for a long time. Don’t worry too much about this. I would say, ‘stay calm’. And with that I am wishing you a successful rally.

Think about this - es gibt diesen Spruch - „In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft.“  (Strength is found in Serenity)

Keep it peaceful. Thank you all.

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